Yachting in Dubai: A Lifetime Experience!

Whenever someone sees a sailing yacht in Dubai cruising on a lake, ocean or a river, one of their most usual expressions of their pleasure is a sequence of ‘aah’ or ‘ooh’. This happens because yacht is something that most of the people can only dream about owning it and mostly people are more than happy to be able to ride on it at least once in their whole lifespan.


When you look for yacht, you will come across number of luxurious and enormous yachts that you can hardly differentiate it from cruise liners. Factually, there really is no average price of yacht because their designs, sizes and additional facilities vary so widely that their price range is very vast. Some super luxurious yacht can sell for as high as eighty million US dollars or sometimes even more whereas the least expensive yacht would cost you some thousands of dollars.

Some of the most expensive and bigger yachts are often owned by organizations or companies to entertain their clients, to throw parties or to reward a successful executives with luxury trip.

You must be wondering that what exactly is about a yacht other than its size that enchants people. Well, yachts are just like a floating mansion or you can say a floating home. For instance, depending on its size, a yacht can have a family room, living room, office, several bedrooms, bar, party area and sometimes even a theater room. When you are riding on a yacht like that then only the view from windows, occasional rocking and a top deck would inform the fact that you are on a boat actually.

It is true that most of the people, even those who are successful can never afford or buy their own personal yacht but that does not mean that they can never have a chance to ride on one of them or may be able to test them. Luckily, for those who are not gifted with enough throwaway money to buy their own yacht, they can get one on rental basis for hour, a day, week or even longer periods. So the expense depends on the time you are renting it for which makes it affordable.

Many people opt to rent a yacht in Dubai to cruise in a lake or ocean for several days and consider it as a complete vacation. If you search for the suitable and rent the right kind of yacht then I believe that there might not be a reason to get off from it during your rental period, even if you are on it for more than a few days.

Skilled boaters can also pilot their rented yacht but it is usually not recommended to pilot large models because it often requires having a well-trained and experienced captain to pilot it for you. So if you are renting a larger and high-end yacht then the captain would come with it. Though renting a luxurious yacht might still be out of many people’s reach but individuals loves to enjoy comforts and facilities provided.