Why shopping in Dubai is everyone’s favourite pastime?

If you travelled to UAE almost 15 years ago, probably an Indian guy would’ve collected you from airport and talk all the way about culture, society and country. Even then, life in Dubai was quite vibrant as compared to Abu Dhabi. You’d have to visit Dubai every time for real shopping as there weren’t any malls in Abu Dhabi back then.

The cab guy would state proudly about shopping festival though, it might sound weird as what kind of festival is dedicated to shopping! With time and development, Abu Dhabi also boasts some of the swankiest shopping centres but when compare with Dubai; it’s simply a roller-coaster ride to ultimate shopping spree.

The Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival or DSF in local terms offers more than just shopping. With all those crazy discounts, huge promotions and sales all across are enough to inject adrenaline. Lots of fun-filled activities for kids, amazing fireworks, lively food stalls everywhere and performances at different locations within the city would surely get you in the groove! DSF is held every year in January and February when weather is somewhat pleasant. Still, it’s warm enough to enjoy swimming and body tan at the beach. The event accumulates lots of visitors from every corner of Earth so finding accommodation is going to be hasty and expensive.

Summer surprises

After huge success of DSF, an equivalent event was initiated known as Summer Surprises that gather even more families than ever. As its holiday season for kids, a festival mascot named Modhesh with its big and round smiley face spread colours and cheers among participants. It initiates by end of June and last till August end with sales all over the city. The best feature is of hotel rooms that are available at rock-bottom prices but do remember its sizzling 45 degrees outside so come prepare.

The shopping malls

Even those who love al-fresco shopping would get lost in wonders of malls here. Because of the heat, shopping malls are like heaven. Looking at each feels like there’s a new world existing inside, especially with size and dozens of retail shops as far as they eye can see. Shopping aside, these malls are excellent to get social, learn about Dubai’s culture, enjoy movie, a glut of recreational activities and snack bars. You’ll have access to art galleries, theatres, day-care centres and neat praying areas. Think of the malls like an old town square with an entire community. Dubai shopping mall is biggest of them all boasting 1,200 retail shops and lots of other stuff for all.

Visit souks

Still not tired of walking in mammoth shopping malls; make bustling souks your next destination! They’re traditional, open-air shopping stalls (Middle Easters style bazaars) famous across Dubai and around the world. Deira is a prime location that’s also known as a souk’s hub; when there, you might get forget glories of Istanbul and Marrakesh. Goods here are sold at wholesale price while you can further negotiate that’s a real fun part of shopping here. Imagine getting the best stuff at your quoted price! From local to international products, all are available at Deira souks.

There’s so much more to discuss but for now, be enthralled by reading the above information but it’s no way near the live experience!

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