What are the different kinds of car wash in Dubai?

A personal vehicle can be the second largest purchase for a person after a personal home. Like homeowner take care of their dwellings, vehicle owners also pay attention to regularly clean their vehicles. This not only enables them to enjoy driving a clean vehicle but also increases its resale value. Daily dusting is not enough to preserve the body shine of vehicle, rather deep cleaning and washing at a professional service station is also mandatory. Here I am sharing a few common types of car wash method that can be selected after identifying their needs.

Self-service is one of the oldest forms of car wash that allows owners to do the all the rinsing and scrubbing on their own in an enclosed area, which possesses a drain and a high-pressure hose system to spray water over the vehicle. Moreover, the pistol setting also has a soap setting to facilitate users using the soap. No brushes are required, rather a high-powered sprayer is used on the exterior body to remove dirt and spots. Finally, it is thoroughly rinsed with water and left to air dry. Self-servicing can be the great option for those who live in an apartment or a residential community lacking service centres.

Automatic/Tunnel wash is perhaps the most common type of method used to clean vehicles across the world. The method uses multiple brushes and blowers to eliminate dust and grime from the exteriors of a vehicle. A car is driven into the one end of the tunnel, where a special system called conveyor system clutch the wheels and pull the vehicle forward at uniform speed to expose it to a series of cleaning activities. The process starts with a drench of clean water to remove the first layer of dirt and smoke. After that soap is sprayed over the body, whereas a series of brushes scrub and rub it well to make surfaces dirt-free. In addition to cleaning the body, a spray fitted in the tunnel also remove dust and mud from undercarriage at some time. Once it reaches the end of the track, high powered fans blow dried it well.

The waterless method uses several chemicals, polish and wax to clean vehicles. Devised and started in Australia; the technique has gained appreciation in the automobile industry across the world. Today it has successfully become an eco-friendly alternative to traditional car swishing methods that wasted water. The waterless method not only helps us saving water, but it also facilitates users to keep their automobiles clean who live in the region with lesser water reservoirs. A wide range of chemicals based products is available that possess petroleum or silicone as the main ingredient. However, greener, less toxic petroleum free products are also available in the market, which replaces toxic compounds with coconut oil and carnauba wax. Despite possessing different ingredients, all of the chemical cleaners are capable of targeting dust and grime, while making surfaces spot free. All a user need to do is to spray the chemical over the surface of the body and wipe it off well with a soft microfiber cloth.

Brushless/touchless technique is almost similar to tunnel method, however, it doesn’t involve the use of any kind of brushes and scrubber. Only high-pressure jets are used to drench water and soap over the surface, undercarriage and wheels also. The primary aim of designing the touchless cleaning process is to avoid producing scratches on the surface. Once a vehicle is bathed thoroughly, same touchless system waxed and polish the surfaces. The whole system is designed with extreme efficiency to ensure deep cleaning without damaging the paint and polished surfaces. Like automatic tunnel system, high-pressure jets are used to spray water and soap, which is washed off after some time. After that high-pressure air is used to dry wet surfaces quickly to avoid the formation of water marks.

Steam car wash is a newly created method to clean automobiles. Instead of utilising high-pressure water jets and abrasive chemicals, the process involves the use of steam. High-powered steam is sprayed all over the body of the vehicle. In order to clean extremely dirty surfaces, special detergents are also used. Once the vehicle is completely coated with steam and detergent (if required), the surfaces are sponged with microfiber cloths. Although the technique is not grouped among the common methods, it is becoming popular among luxury auto owners. Designed and initiated in North Korea, the environment-friendly technique has now become the next alternative method after chemical cleaning.

Summary: As too many cars are running on roads producing smoke and dust, cleaning and washing from professional Dubai car wash has become an inevitable need for every vehicle.

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