UAE’s Most Contemporary Restaurants – 2014

When it comes to food and fine dining, UAE, especially Dubai is amongst the most exotic places in the world. There are restaurants in Dubai offering cuisines and foods that take you to the origin virtually including its own Arabian specialties. Dubai has a record of having world’s renowned food chains or restaurants that are famous, recognized for its exceptional food and dining ambiance and experience.

The restaurants listed below are not only places where you could east but also spots with stunning views, embracing décor, where you could enjoy your special moments and have best culinary experiences.


PIERCHICPierchic is famous for its European cuisine, style and ambiance, offering some of the finest seafood in Dubai. It is among the list of Time Out Dubai Best Restaurants, won an award of being the best Seafood Restaurant – 2010. If you are thinking to spend a romantic evening, pier is the place where you could make the best – away from city’s hustle bustle, offering unhindered tranquility and endless views of the Arabian Gulf.


MARGAUXMargaux is a French corner by Chef Julian Mercier. For some of the intricately designed platters, without any fiddle or fuss, French cuisines are famous for its appealing food, rich in taste and filling in appetite. Overlooking the famous Dubai fountain, you can enjoy your evening under the vaulted arcades or you can experience the old wooden dining styles. Margaux offers comfort when you are out for a dinner with friends or family.


EAUZONEFor contemporary Asian cuisines, Eauzone is one of the best places for a casual day out, offering subtle views and idle sea during the day. However if you are there after the sunset you’ll love the feel of a refined sit out. Its architecture smartly lies around the translucent water along with its elegant walkways and the glamorous marquee deck.


MAJLIS AL BAHARFor some Mediterranean chills, you can try Majlis Al Bahar ideally located on the Burj Beach. Probably you won’t find it very appealing with its décor, but I’m sure you’ll admire its closeness to nature. If you talk about its ambiance, you wouldn’t find anything but a natural backdrop. Its simplicity and an elaborated menu of Arabian and Mediterranean dishes is its soul.

If you visit Dubai in summers, don’t forget to treat yourself and your sweetheart on sandy outdoors at Majlis Al Bahar. It’s worth a try!


AL HADHEERAHAl Hadheerah is a place where you’ll find nothing but traditional Arabian cuisines. Al Hadheerah is a signature sit out of the Bab Al Shams Resort, a 60-minute drive from the Dubai airport. It represents the theme of old Saudi tradition and lifestyle with artificial sand dunes and palm outline along with some of the famous belly dancers, henna artists and swordplay.


NOBUIf you are craving for some Japanese cuisines, Nobu is one of the best places in Dubai. Needless of any introduction, Nobu is famous for its cutting-edge Japanese recipes and cuisines along with Arabian influences, thus Nobu is good at catering Japanese food with Arabian fusion.

Ideally, sits at the Atlantis Hotel, Nobu is famous for its Japanese slim décor, dedicated sushi bar and dedicated corners for private gatherings. If you are interested in learning Japanese cooking, it offers cooking classes occasionally. This is to attract guests to teach more about Japanese foods and traditions with the famous, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa.


HUKAMAVery obvious with its name, Hukama is a Chinese restaurant with an elaborated menu of Chinese traditional dishes and tea cocktails. As far as ambiance is concerned, you’ll find nothing but a Chinese touch in every detail. You’ll find both, indoor and out sitting arrangement, but the outdoor terrace offers exotic views of Burj Khaleefa.

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