What Is the Significance of Social Media in Website Design

Social media has been on the constant growth since last five years and according to some recent research more than forty percent of people access various social media platforms globally on a regular basis. While in the United States alone, more than two-thirds of its adult population make regular usage of social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

It has become clear that social media networks are no longer a toy of which is targeted towards the younger generation, because now it has become something that every person has developed to enjoy and make a productive use of them.

Due to its inescapability characteristics, it has gained more importance than expected to establish a long lasting presence of your company or business on these platforms. Other than that, what more important is the possibility of its integration into your website when it is being designed.

Social Media Web Design

Benefits of Social Media Integration into Website

There are numerous benefits of this integration into any website but the most significant one is the social sharing of your website content which is achieved by the sharing of your content by your visitors with their friends and acquaintances on the variety of social media platforms. This sharing will result in an increment of your website’s incoming traffic which is going to increase your ranking on the search engine results page. This is specifically relevant when it comes to Google. All of this can simply be achieved by requesting your web design company in Dubai to integrate social buttons when designing your site.

During the end of the second quarter of 2011, Google announced the trial launch of their own social network, Google+, which gained over 10 million users in just a timespan of two weeks and then after four weeks it managed to reach 25 million active users. By looking at these figures, don’t you think that integrating a Google+ sharing button into your website design is a total must?

On the other hand, what we have found out that you should give the visitors of your website the capability to leave a comment on the content they are interested in sharing. This is going to exponentially increase the social media presence of your business because every comment is going to get a reference from a social network along with a link to your website. In addition to all that, the comment box of social media platform will encourage individuals to provide valuable feedbacks because they won’t be anonymous anymore.

As of today, there are more than a billion users who are actively using social media services. What this means is that they all have a social media account, and not just a single account, most of them have their accounts on multiple social networks because each one of them have different form of user interactions.

So if you are going to integrate the new social media commenting system into your website then this will enable all of your visitors to easily log into your site’s comments section using their social account, as compared to the traditional fields of name, email and website address this method is much more effective and encourage users to initiate conversations.

According to the human interaction research, majority of internet users give preference to social platform login as compared to the traditional commenting methods. In addition to the effective comments, you as a website manager, will also be able to have an opportunity to collect valuable data from their social profiles which will further help you in the improvement of your content and let you know about your audience in a more effective way.


We know that most of the people use social media for personal interactions, but lately many has realized the importance of these platforms in business. So here in this article we have discussed that why it has become important for webmasters to integrate social media platforms into their websites.

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