Seven Best Kids Attractions in Dubai

Being the world’s shopping capital; Dubai isn’t just a place for grown-ups but prolific attraction for kids as well. Majestic water parks, playgrounds, parks and entertainment world will surely make your child jump with excitement. Families traveling to Dubai usually enjoy a day at azure beaches, gigantic shopping plazas, boat rides, desert striding and much more.

Albeit, temperature can go as high as 45 degrees and parents prefer to stay indoors, central air-conditioned malls usually have children play area to bust off this scorching heat. Lest you’re planning summer vacations within the metropolis, here are some pleasurable kids attractions.

  1. Ultimate Sporting at Al-Nasr Leisureland
    Start kicking with myriad of fun sporting activities at Al-Nasr Leisureland! Featuring ice rink, swimming pools, tennis courts, bowling alley, bumper cars, roller coasters, go-kart and numerous others! Plus, an amusement park adds further excitement making it one of the best places in Dubai ridding that boredom. Be sure to visit this wonderland and have a blast.
  2. Fun & Education in Dubai Creek Park
    One of the finest ways to utilize vacations is to give your kid a combined dose of fun and education which you’ll definitely find in Dubai Creek Park. Spread across 82,890 square foot, this facility offer wide range of fun learning like science of human body, space, sea and desert. The park also features a café, souvenir shop, theatre and panoramic views of creek. Excitement never ends here!
  3. Best Outdoor Adventure at Creekside Park
    Endless lawn with finely pruned shrubbery and plants as far as the eye can see; Creekside Park is a promising spot for families especially if you’re in love with nature. 18-hole mini golf courses, botanical gardens, an amphitheater, dreamy picnic locations equipped with ready-to-use barbecue gear and children’s play area with mini train foster unlimited fun activities.
  4. The Wonders of Wonderland
    Fight the scorching city heat by riding to Caribbean themed park, none other than Wonderland offering thrilling rides, jaw dropping water slides, spinning coaster and more. Attached Water Park is a bit low-tech however; you can indulge yourself in cool waters and spend hours of non-stop frolic.
  5. All you can Play at Kidsvilla
    The perfect arena where little tikes between age one and six can enjoy campouts, music, arts and crafts, dance with the beat, kids gymnasium and cooking lessons. Kidsvilla a dreamland where children can interact with each other, make new friends, builds confidence and easy minds games boost mental stability.
  6. Kick the Ball in Soccer Circus Academy
    With the hype of FIFA world cup 2014, everyone loves pretending to be their favorite player! Why not try your luck and see how well you’re in the game simply by visiting Soccer Circus Academy. Full training is provided by professional coaches ensuring you get flawless grip. The arena can easily house up to 70 visitors where they can enjoy watching and participating in football; all within controlled environment.
  7. The Magnificent Magic Planet
    Bursting with cackle of video game fanatics and super rides, Magic Planet is huge arcade housing machinery worth AED one million. You can easily spend hours having fun and yet it’s still not enough, such is the aura of the place.

So the next time you’re traveling with children, be sure to visit aforementioned places.

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