Questions You Need To Ask a Leading Nursery School in Dubai

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Selecting a nursery which is a good match for your child can be daunting and overwhelming. As a responsible parent, you want to be sure that the choice you are making for your little one is the right one. But how exactly do you know that you making the best possible decision? Unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer to this question. However, the good thing is that there are a few questions which you can ask the school, which will give you a good idea about their reputation, environment and work ethics.

So if you are about to leave your house to interview a perspective school for your child, keep the following essential questions in mind:

What is the Nursery’s Philosophy about Education?

Times have changed. No longer is it a good idea to go for a school that focuses its attention on drill and practice skills. Instead, good primary schools have now learned that it is better to make the child decide and make their own choices about learning. This doesn’t just bring about positive feedback but also helps them make decisions which they will stick to. So though you should be looking for a program where structure is present, don’t go somewhere where the philosophy is to force the children into learning.

Ask for the Information on Educational Background and Experience of Staff Members

No matter where you are sending your child, you need to be sure about the qualification and experience of the teacher who will be dealing with the. So don’t just ask about the educational background but also the training and experience that the said person has received. Also remember that because preschool kids are very different from other grownup ones, the teacher needs to have received special training about how to deal with children of small ages. If you are comfortable, you can even ask to visit the class so you can have a feel of what the classroom and staff is like.

What Physical Activities Are The Kids Encouraged to Participate In?

Though there are many learning opportunities even in preschool, the main focus of a leading nursery school in Dubai should be to help the kids engage in active play. This is important because at the young age of 2-3, it is crucial for your child to develop his/her gross motor skills. This is why it is recommended that the school teach skills like stringing beads, scribbling and snipping paper strips.

What about Napping Schedules?

Children who are still at the early stages of life need to nap. This is why the ideal school must allot a time for when the kids can sleep or take a nap. Though the nap should be no longer than two hours, you should ask the teacher if you are required to bring the essential supplies like a pillow, sheet and nap mat. If you are asked to do this, be sure to write your child’s name on each of the things which you are sending to the preschool.

What are the Criteria for Meals and Snacks?

Last but not least, you should ask about if the school provides meals and snacks to the children. If they do then how nutritious is the food? Are they required to eat everything on their plate? What about the pre-meal routine like washing hands etc.? Is the child allowed to socialize with other kids during this meal and snack time? Ask these questions so you can be at peace of mind that you are sending your child to the right place.

Ask these simple yet crucial questions when interviewing a school for your child and you will be on the right track.

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