Personal Safety Apps Become a Best Travelling Companion for Lone Travelers

In the present scenario, there is no any guarantee for the safety of the people and most of the humans are facing both natural and unexpected disasters. So, the people have to find an effective method for their relief and communication technologies play an important role in this matter.

Mobile applications and social media networks are playing a crucial role in the overall safety that includes rescue efforts and emergency response. There are many safety apps available on the handheld devices and these mobile apps provide safety services to the users. These apps offer a protected layer to the people and they are easily accessible by the users.

Few best mobile safety apps are listed below.

  • Guardly

Guardly mobile app is specifically designed for the employees, staff, guards and workers to instantly connect with the security operations of the organization. This app also determines the users’ location using GPS and real-time indoor positioning inside the buildings.

The app provides two-way communication with the 911 authorities, safety groups and private security. The administrators of the organization can also send mobile alerts to the user based on the user-group or location. In the case of emergency, it also ensures the reliable and relevant messages to the people.

  • bSafe

bSafe is one of the best personal safety apps that contains a number of personal safety features. This app allows the user to alert their friends privately and can also send details about the changing GPS location. The user can even make fake phone calls to escape from any uncomfortable situations.

bSafe provides an audible alarm during the emergency period and the app starts broadcasting the video recorded by the phone immediately. It also collects and shares the information about the users’ GPS location and this information can be used for future references. The bSafe app user can also enable the alarm manually and it will automatically send the emergency message when the user does not check in before the time period. The app is available on both Google Play and iTunes.

  • Watch Over Me

Watch over me is the best safety app where the user can just press their smartphones or smartwatches to ask for a help instantly. This app will send a notification to the members of the personal safety network. Depending on the circumstances, the user can talk to the members and the family members can track the users’ location on a map.

For the subscribed users, the app offers the Continuous Safety Monitoring that provides an additional level of security. This monitoring technique asks the user to confirm their safety and if the user does not confirm their safety then it will automatically alert the members of the safety networks.


  • Life360

Life360 is the popular mobile app that helps the user to keep in touch with their family members. The app is also capable of connecting the person who needs help and it notifies the safety and location status of the user to all the contacts. It is a private network where all the family members can know the safeness and whereabouts of the user.

The app has an additional feature called panic alert feature that can be activated immediately to contact the family members through the text messages, voice call and email. This provides the details of the location of the person who needs help. It provides an extra GPS device for the family members who do not possess any mobile. The app is available on Android, Windows and iPhone.

  • ICE: In Case of Emergency

One of the parts of the Appventive family is the ICE app that stores the essential information for the first responders. It also helps the hospital workers to use this information such as insurance information, emergency contacts, medical condition, doctor information and any other details in case of emergency.

The ICE app can be used even when the smartphone is locked and it also has an optional feature called “if found”, which helps the user when they lose their phones. Currently, the app is available in thirteen languages that allow the user to switch between the languages at any emergency situations.



  • Sprint Family Locator App

This app operates on the Sprint Family plan with the Sprint mobile number and the most outstanding feature is it compatible with both the smartphones and regular phones. Addition to this, the user need not to install any app on the mobile phones the user want to track. This locator app provides the real time GPS location of the family members and by using this app stolen or lost phone can also track down.

  • Siren GPS

Siren GPS is the app that combines the emergency communication, response and management by connecting all the members in a community to the first responders and also allows the first responders to communicate among them on a single platform. Most of the phone calls around 70 percent of 911 calls are from the mobile phones and emergency responders will track the location of the caller to the nearest cell phone towers.

The app is highly useful for the first responders to identify the exact location of the 911 callers. The app also provides the two-way communication even when there is a down in the cell phone service. The first responder agencies such as police, fire and emergency medical technician allowed the credentialed first responders to contact and share the technical awareness.

  • Sentinel Personal Security SOS App

This app is considered to be the fastest security application available in the app market. The app permits the user to call or send text messages and mail alerts to the emergency contacts during the emergency period. The message alert will consist of the users’ location, time and the direction of travel. The most important feature of this app was the ability of the app to work without any working internet connectivity.

  • React Mobile

The app that transforms the mobile phone into a powerful safety device is the React Mobile app. The app allows the user to send SOS messages to the preselected group of people to convey them about the situation. The home screen of this app has a Send SOS page, along with the Contacts, Maps and Send SMS tabs.

The SOS alert can send through the text message, email, social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, along with the GPS location. The Follow Me button is the best feature where the user can set a time frame and select the contacts. If the user did not respond at the end of time frame, then the app will automatically alert their preselected contacts.

  • Stay Safe

Stay Safe app is mainly based on the timer, where the app will automatically notify the contacts. It sends the users’ GPS location through SMS or email and the user can also add the information about the event. It has an Auto-Inform Service that informs the users’ contacts about the start and stop of the person.

The app provides two-PIN verification approach where the user can use one PIN for normal use and the other is duress PIN that can be used when someone threatens the user to cancel the alerts and alarms. This pin makes the app to appear turned off, but the selected contacts will receive the message.

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