Investing Commercial vs. Residential Properties in UAE

Making strategically planned investment moves isn’t only about statistical filtration, it’s more about foreseeing the upcoming trends along with the current ones, market probability and idealizing which way to go for some of the best turn ups. For this, seeking out expert’s help is one of the perfect-pick to keep high-end investments safe, under weights

Core Property Trading Facts in Dubai

Property traders should’ve complete knowledge of real estate industry including core principles, recent trends, fundamentals of land transaction and ownership transfer. Being a dealer, assessing property contracts on monthly basis, checking in with agent and license analysis are some duties vested on your shoulders. Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) which is a part of Dubai

UAE’s Most Contemporary Restaurants – 2014

When it comes to food and fine dining, UAE, especially Dubai is amongst the most exotic places in the world. There are restaurants in Dubai offering cuisines and foods that take you to the origin virtually including its own Arabian specialties. Dubai has a record of having world’s renowned food chains or restaurants that are

How to Make the Visit to Dubai Exciting and Memorable

The United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai is one of the most visited places in the world due to its attractive tourist destinations and activities. The city offers one of the most remarkable, exciting, and memorable tourism experience in the world. The city offers entertainment, dining, adventure, luxury, scenic beauty, relaxation, and exquisite cultural experiences to