Let’s Shop for Mobile – All you Need to Know

The 21st century has brought such gadgets and devices that were once imagined to only exist in fiction movies. When it comes to mobile phones, dozens of giant companies like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony and many others, including some smaller ones are constantly under a tough competition. Each is striving to outbest the other by bringing forth a technology that surpasses even their own previous models. Evolution of Smartphones further led to achieving the impossible as it’s not just a mobile, but an artificial human friend.




There’re thousands of shops, malls and street vendors selling different mobile phones in Dubai at a nominal price so that everyone can enjoy the latest technology. The best time to buy electronic equipments, especially mobile phones is during a carnival or grand sales event. Whether is it the first time you’re shopping for a cell phone or are used to, here’re some helpful facts for you to purchase the right product.

What is Your Range?

Before taking a trip to the Dubai mall for mobile shopping, consider your budget to lay your hands on an accurate set. Once in market, you’ll probably get confused as there’re so many mobile phones on display with each one, more appealing. Your financial range will help you to get yourself an appropriate phone.

Smartphone Versus Mobile








Smartphone Versus Mobile

Although both smart and mobile phones fall under the category of cell phones, each differs in function, looks, software and of course, price. Where a simple mobile phone may have various functions like a camera, A/V recording and playback, Bluetooth and other features, a Smartphone have something that really makes it intelligent.

How about browsing the internet on the go wherever you are, take pictures by auto zooming the lens, gesture features like air browsing without even touching the keypad and much more. This is something which you’ll find only in Smartphones however, functions and features may vary according to the manufacturing company.

Keypad or Touch Interface?

Whether you own a Smartphone or a normal mobile, a touch user interface is something which everyone looks for while purchasing. Keypad mobile phones are still in demand, but they’re becoming obsolete rapidly with a few companies who even banned producing them. Touchscreen mobile phones are quite sophisticated as compared to the latter, a single scrape, bang against something hard or exposing to water may ruin it beyond repairs. Latest designs include a water resistance interface and camera.


Keypad or Touch Interface

Android or iOS – What’s Your Pick

An operating system that functions your mobile is yet another aspect to account for while buying. iOS is developed by Apple, which is rated as a Class One company for manufacturing Smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices. It’s faster and smoother when it comes to the flow of touchscreen interface. However, there’re several restrictions while downloading latest applications and softwares.

Meanwhile, Android gives you a much open platform allowing you to customize your mobile as per convenience. Online play stores and free application download let you take full advantage of a Smartphone.
Android or iOS
Phone or Tablet – The Confusion

After the success of Smartphone comes mini, hand held computers, also known as tablets. They’re slightly bigger in size as compared to phones, but the trend is changing quite swiftly. Both Smartphones and a tablets are quite similar in functions with a few modifications persisting along with variation in price.

Phone or Tablet

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