Is Abdominoplasty a weight loss tool?

Having been listed among few widely acquired cosmetic surgeries, “Abdominoplasty” underwent a lot of progress since its inception in 1899. Conventionally called “tummy tuck” it is used to remove excess of fat, muscles and skin to tighten middle and lower section of the belly. The surgical method can be subdivided into two: complete and partial/mini procedures. However, it involves removal of fat, muscles and skin cells, it cannot be taken as a weight loss tool. Patients who are not very well aware of the techniques, may consider it same as liposuction or gastric bypass which is used to reduce stomach size and facilitate food to bypass a part of the small intestine.

Who can benefit the most?

Tummy tucks have shown proven results in both male and females, who have undergone an intense weight loss in a short period of time. In addition to cosmetic reasons, it is also used as reconstructive surgery to repair weak abdominal muscles, which may cause constant back pain. Irrespective of the reason for performing this surgery, at the end patients will enjoy smooth and tight belly without stretch marks.

It is a weight loss tool

Assuming it to reduce extra pounds is one of the most common misconceptions people may have in their mind. As it removes saggy skin and fat layers, overweight people might think it as a weight reduction tool. Instead of weight loss, it actually helps to get rid of stubborn abdominal fat and loose skin, which is not possible with regular diet and exercise. It efficiently enhances the appearance of the abdominal area. Tummy tucks are ideal for those who have recently loss huge weight quickly and now suffering from stretch marks, cellulite and saggy skin. A number of certified professional surgeons are offering abdominoplasty in Dubai to help everyone seeking to tone their abdominal muscles after removing skin and muscles that lose their capability to reform.

How is this technique executed after weight loss?

The whole procedure is performed under anesthesia to keep muscles relaxed and spasm free. To remove the fat layer and baggy skin, two cuts are made around naval from hipbone to hipbone. Next skin is pulled down naval is repositioned. Extra skin is removed and then cuts are stitched. Depending upon the amount of fat, skin and muscles that are subjected to remove through this method, liposuction can also be performed to reduce extra fat pockets. Besides this, muscles can also be sewn together to tone weak muscles. It is suggested to discuss with your doctor to opt the best solution for you. Minimum recovery time is three months, however you may feel the difference soon after 2 weeks when swelling is reduced.

Before you go to spend money on any of the cosmetic surgery procedures like abdominoplasty, ensure its necessity for yourself; not only to enjoy positive results but to also avoid wasting your hard earned money.

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