How to place a perfect shot to hunt coyote?

So you are thinking of bagging a coyote in your latest hunting trip? However, this will surely be a hard one. Sure enough, it is not like the squirrels or the rabbits that some hunters ace in one trip. Coyotes are shrewd, and so you must beat all their senses and place the perfect shot to get them.

Placing the perfect shot requires some anatomical knowledge of the animal.  This is necessary to make an ethical kill. You also need to have the right weapon and a significant amount of patience.

Making that ethical shot

Most big game hunters are not first timers. They have several years of hunting under their belt, and so they know what it means to make the ethical kill. Every coyote hunter should be aware of that ‘sweet spot’ which is behind the coyote’s right shoulder. As a responsible sportsman, you must always strive for a swift, clean, kill shot by aiming for that ‘sweet spot.’

Making the shot right through the front shoulder brings down the master predator in one swoop. A coyote’s heart sits further forward in the chest cavity which is a little different from other animals. Placing the shot right through the front shoulder is sure to get the heart and lungs in one shot. This should be the goal of every hunter.

An ethical kill leaves you with a fur friendly situation. The sweet spot shot bullet expands quickly, destroying the animal’s heart and lungs resulting in instant death. But of course your rifle and round choice play a big part in making ethical shots.

Having the right weapon

You must have the right rifle and round if you want to make a perfect shot. In most cases, standard calibers such as .204, .243, .223 paired with a set of right bullets will do. While .22 rifles are perfect, you can still use shotguns and deer-sized rifles.  Use optical devices such as the best varmint scope where necessary to increase your chances of success.

Locating the best hiding spot

You have a good weapon, and you know how to make that ethical shot. However, you still need to know how to hide. Big game hunters know how to keep out of sight and remain vigilant for more than 30 minutes. Plant covers at the end of an open field and rugged outcroppings all offer decent concealment for your hunting. However, you must be on the higher ground to have a larger field of view. After you have found your spot, set up your weapon and remain perfectly still waiting for the coyote.

Using a bait or a caller

It is sometimes hard to locate coyotes. Therefore using baits is most of the time appropriate. Placing a dead rabbit on the coyote’s path will attract the animal and ensure it stays still as you make the shot.

Alternatively, you can use a caller. An electronic caller is most preferable. It will reduce your movement and enhance your chances of success.

Final word

Several factors go into making the perfect coyote hunt shot. First, it is critical you know where the vitals are – the heart and lungs. The goal of an accomplished sportsman is to make a clean kill; an ethical shot that will kill the coyote in an instant. Choose your weapon, as well as the spot wisely. Successful hunting is not only about skill but also about proper planning.

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