How to Hire a Luxurious Limousine in Qatar Cheaply?

So you ride a ’77 Gremlin! There’s nothing wrong with it as long as you’ve some dough saved to play millionaire by chartering a limousine. In-fact, competition is so fierce that you can ride in just about any limo for less than expected. All that’s required are excellent bargaining skills and like most services, limousine price is indeed negotiable. Supply and demand are cost driving mediums on all commodities including cars whereas limousine cost fluctuates more often due to high demand.

Plan ahead and come up with a strategy to bargain for the best category of limo at a convenient rate. Only an astute negotiator can obtain a favourable rate based on competing services available in the area. Meanwhile, prospective availability of the vehicle on due date and time are other negotiating factors. Considering all the reasons, let’s have a look at how you can charter the vehicle over a discount.

Measure Your Finances

A standard limousine, usually for four to six passengers may cost around $40 to $80 per hour. Stretched limo on the contrary having capacity for six to eight passengers will definitely cost more, about $60 to $100 per hour. Elite class models include Mercedes, Hummer or a super stretched vehicle that can take up-to 22 passengers cost approximately $3,000 for a single night. Though rates vary by region and rental company, limousine cost is mostly high everywhere.

Deep Research

Make sure Rent-a-car Company along with its drivers are licensed and insured thus covering you from any damage. Choose the type of limousine you want like (stretch, standard, super-stretched or special) and rental duration. Also, list the amenities you want such as stereo, a TV and DVD player, intercom, video-game console, Jacuzzi or sunroof. The more the features, higher would be the cost. Prices aren’t always posted online so you’ll have to call, email or pay a direct visit for details.

Determine the Model

Find out all about model of the limo you’re hiring. Vehicle’s condition and amenities must be considered before you pay a deposit. Always ask whether down-payment is refundable or not if vehicle isn’t up-to your liking. Yet another possibility is of rental companies advertising a particular car while show-up at your doorstep with something entirely different. If possible, pay a visit to the company, examine the entire array of available models and choose that best suits your need.

Get an Experienced Driver

Now that’s important, a bad driver can definitely ruin your evening and not everyone can smoothly drive a limousine. That’s why always hire a quality driver with hands-on experience driving this vehicle. He must be aware of traffic laws and of possible, fax an itinerary to the company before heading out! If you need any special services, be sure to communicate with the driver earlier. Companies usually cater their customers with everything while some expect you to bring your own. This will give you an upper-hand when asking for rental discount.

Valuable Tips

  • Determine there aren’t any additional taxes included with already high rent or it’ll be the most expensive trip of your entire life!
  • Tip the driver however don’t count it as a lease cost.
  • Ensure your vehicle is big enough to fit everyone comfortably. If expecting six passengers, get a car that can accommodate at-least eight.
  • Ask if you’re allowed to smoke inside or not as most companies fine their customers for this act.
  • If it’s really a special occasion, don’t be a scrooge as finer things in life usually cost more.
  • When you rent a limo in Doha, high end companies usually have professional drivers, spruced-up vehicles and accessories that cost a bit extra. You should be a good negotiator.

Now that you know about hiring a limousine, why wait! Make your dream come true and charter one today.

This post has been submitted on behalf of AL MUFTAH, a leading car rental company in Doha.


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