How to choose attractive eyewear for greyish hair?

Grey hair is a choice these days among men and women while eyeglasses are an essential fashion accessory. If you’ve finally decided to keep those airs grey and prefer glasses over contact lens, there’s a whole world of choices out there. The best to choose a suitable eyewear is to let it blend with your skin tone, facial shape and hair colour. You’ll end up boosting your social image and personal style shining through!

Begin with shape

Whatever the hair colour, start by determining facial shape! Gently tuck your hair back and take a gaze upon your face closely. Allow contrast and posture to be the guiding aspects here; if your face is round, go for square or box-shape glasses for wearing round would make your face look more spherical. Similarly, a huge pair of spectacles over a petite face would make it look overwhelming. Choose glasses with rimless or curved bottom that can soften the angles or bony jawline whereas cat-eye angles further emphasise cheekbones.

Skin tone

Do you’ve warm or cool skin colour? Look at your veins; if they’re blue, the undertones are cool or warm if the veins are green. Generally, skin colour that’s similar to your undertone appears more flattering. Dark brown, bright orange and ivory are preferred for warm complexions while black, burgundy, bright pink or white are good for cool complexions. Some people choose frames that complement eye shade and prefer contrasting hues for more attractiveness.

Grey hair

Even grey hairs have different shades such as blonde-grey, pure silver or salt-and-pepper shade. Image consultants recommend not to wear grey with similar hair tone be it clothes or any other accessory; it’ll only make you look pale! Similarly, gold wire frames may clash but bright and bold colours are an excellent choice. Red, blue or basic black gives a confident statement.

Other considerations

Personal style matters most so when choosing the frames, they should make you feel good as well. For instance when subjects wear rimless glasses, they impersonate intelligence, attractiveness and trustworthiness. Eye makeup is another considerable factor when choosing the frame style.


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