How to avail upgrades & low-cost on your next car rental?

How to avail upgrades & low-cost on your next car rental
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If you’ve already tried one of those seemingly ingenious flight-booking hacks only to end up emptying your wallet on the ticket to neighbour city, you probably need saving some dough for car rental. To help you do that, former car rental agents share their tips and recommendations to score free upgrades, cheaper rates and the best cars you can expect.

Credit card insurance

This is quite an easy one as most of us are well aware that lots of credit cards offer cover on the rental car insurance. Just ensure you read the terms and conditions of both the bank and the car rental agency to come clear on what’s actually covered in the insurance and that which isn’t.

Pick the car recommended most by the agent

Some may not agree to this one but in the end, it really doesn’t matter which car you’re driving as long as it takes you safely from point A to B. Even if it’s a small one, obsolete model or a Geo Tracker (they no longer make these anymore though), the lower rental cost’s pretty sweet deal.

Correlation between the cheapest car & peak hour pickup

It may sound ridiculous but reserving a car for the first week of the day, early in the morning or on the last working day right before weekend helps you win free upgrades. Although rental rates would be higher than usual but the type of upgrades are truly worth it. Besides, you might just be the lucky one to pick from one of those luxurious cars for rent in Bahrain that you’ve only dreamed of so, don’t rule out the possibility.

Leverage with another company’s quotations

Remember that car rental agencies are much like hotels as their outcome don’t depend on the rental cost but the total number of cars being hired matters most. So if you simply challenge them with any other rental agency’s quotations, chances are high that they’ll accept your offer and present you with the car and cost as preferred.

Airport rental for the new car

Most of the latest car models for rent are available at airport rental. Although the cost of hiring is high, the charm of driving the sleekest new convertible can’t be overlooked. In fact, these are the vehicles which are eventually distributed to branches outside the airport.

The lot with the most cars

It’s obvious that car rental agencies wish to release as many cars as possible which is why there’s always room for healthy negotiation. If you’re without any reservations but can spare a few minutes to visit multiple rental agencies, go for the one that has the greatest number of vehicles available in the parking lot, observe the vehicles, negotiate the rate and hire.

Just ask for an upgrade

In case cost isn’t too much of a concern for you, be simple in your approach and casually ask the agency for an upgrade of your preference. By asking if the agency has any special upgrades or perks at the moment, chances are high that you’ll eventually land a nice deal.

So the next time you’re looking for cars for rent in Bahrain or any other place, follow the tips as mentioned here.

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