Give Protection to Your Eyes from Sun with Broad Range of Shades

Sunglasses BrandsOther than being a pleasing balance to the wardrobe, sunglasses play a significant role in protection of eyes from the harmful radiation of sun. Just as how we protect our skin from harmful sunlight, our eyes also need protection because they are more delicate.

For those of you who don’t know, the ultraviolet light that emits from the sun consists of three different bands which include UVA, UVB and UVC. First, UVA rays are not proven to be dangerous for our eyes but they still need protection from them. UVB rays did most damage to our eyes and may lead to disorder or cataracts. While UVC rays are not something to worry about when it comes to eyes.

Those were the basics you need to know about before beginning your search for sunglasses in Dubai. So whenever you pick any pair of shades, see the box or label for the amount of protection they are going to provide to your eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

EyeZone - world’s most sought after eye wear brands.These days when you visit any eyeglasses or spectacle shop in the UAE, you will come across thousands of designs, styles, brands, qualities and colours to choose from. The choices are endless, whether you are searching for designer, replica, children, sports or prescription sunglasses. But whatever the type of shades you are going to purchase, just make sure that they are of best quality and provides maximum protection to your eyes.

If you are a sunglasses enthusiast, then shopping for sunglasses in Dubai will surely be an overwhelming and exciting experience because of the enormous selection of designs and styles of frames and lenses. Some of the most popular trends in shades you will find today, are traditional looking metallic sunglasses with rimless style, sports sunglasses with special lenses that will filter different shades of colour to enhance the observation experience, frames with rounded or square corners, magnetic sunglasses clip-ons that are specifically made for prescription spectacles wearers, and sunglasses with some jewellery bits for jewel lovers.

If you have children who spend some of their time playing out in direct sunlight then it is better to buy them sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. For children, an extensive variation of sunglasses to choose from with plenty of designs attracts them. When buying shades for your child, it is always a better choice to let them make their own choice, as they will be more probable to wear it frequently.

Ferrari SunglassesDesigner and branded sunglasses made by reputable brands like Ferrari in Dubai are becoming trendy and some clothing brands have launched their own line of shades to match their clothes. Therefore, whatever you prefer to buy, whether it is urban, girlish, or conventional, you can surely find sunglasses that will complement your lifestyle.

For those who likes the look of designer sunglasses but cannot afford it because of their expensiveness and luxuriousness, then there is a magnificent selection of replica sunglasses that are much more affordable while gives you the similar design and protection like the original ones.

With lots of wonderful collection of shades to choose from, you can surely buy at least few of them to make your own favourite collection that will complement your closet. You will then be able to balance your facial beauty with your lifestyle and clothing preference.

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