All about the Flat User Interface Design

Many web designers who learned their skills years ago often used animations and flashy illustrations to impress and influence their viewers. When times changed, the focus shifted towards a different kind of design, called the skeuomorphic design, which is when designers create layouts that bring real life images and platforms to the users’ screen. However, in today’s world, the scenario has changed very drastically because people now prefer using flat user interface design, which is very different from all trends that were used before.

All about the Flat User Interface Design

Flat User Interface Design

The main focus of the flat UI design is usability, which is why it has clean and hassle free design, bright colors, open space and two dimensional illustrations which look flat, hence the name ‘flat user interface’. This technology uses simple and straight forward icon-styled images, which are very different from their predecessors. This user interface design uses tactile objects and quality technology that gives your users great experience.

Reasons You Should Start Using the Interface

Here are some reasons why you should consider using this newest user interface design for your advantage.

Grabs Attention

Decorative components are no good to the flat UI because its main purpose is to focus on usability and not to distract the user. Therefore, the flat user interface design doesn’t make use of flashy design elements but instead grabs the user’s attention by implementing bright colors so the buttons and elements can pop out from the background. So even though you may think that a flat user interface design will make your website boring, it will help you make it a lot more functional and a lot less decorative and distractive.

Images are Easier to Understand

The images that are used in a flat user interface design are easier to understand as compared to detailed illustrations. These icons like images have a universal purpose and can be easily understood by every designer around the world.

Compatible with All Browsers and Computers

Another reason why you should consider this technology for your web design that it is compatible with all browsers and works well on all computers. No longer do you have to worry about compatibility issues that are often present with interfaces that use shadows and gradients. Moreover, using this interface will be ideal for you because it will give your visitors a clutter free view of your website.

Things to Consider

The only thing that makes the flat user interface a little less desirable as compared to others is that it may not be enough for people who are looking for a stylish and modern page. Some visitors go to a particular website only because they want to see all the illustrations images. However, this problem is easily remedied if you know the target audience that you will be catering to. For example, if you have a website that is specifically for the younger generation, then the flat UI will be able to fill your purposes perfectly.


So, you want a sharp and clean user interface design for your company website, then this is the technology that you can decide to use. Even though it is not meant for all types of websites, it is here to stay and is already influencing a great number of websites and apps.

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