Five effective tips to safely clean a gas oven

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Gas oven is among the most toughest to clean kitchen appliances. Not only it’s used frequently but oven easily bake any food that’s spilled inside. As a result, residue is hardened and thus become difficult to remove. Unlike electric ovens, these don’t have a high-heat self cleaning feature which means back to the old cleaning way. So if your lasagne bubbled, the soufflé exploded or milk over boil and spilled, no need to worry as cleaning gas oven is a matter of an hour or more!

  1. Safety gloves & covering

Safety comes first that makes cleaning a lot easier than anticipated. Wear latex cleaning gloves throughout the process and for protection against debris getting into the eyes, wrap around an eye goggle as well. This is important if you’re working with harsh chemicals that are acidic in nature. Even with mild cleaning solution, prolonged exposure to concentrated water and cleansers with grease and oven debris can prove drastic to your skin. Besides, what about the rough scouring pads; you surely don’t want to handle them with bare hands!

  1. Patience goes a long way

Depending on the condition, cleaning an oven takes time and effort so you just have to be patient. Just like the spilled food hardens and sticks to the oven body over time, taking it off also takes time. Apply the concentrated solution over and around the mess and leave it for an hour or so. Chemical would soften the residue which you can easily clean via scrubbing! Continue following the step wherever necessary with oven cleaning.

  1. Scouring pads

Abrasive scouring pads are excellent to clean inside of the oven and to remove tough deposits but be careful not to scratch the aluminium or steel body! It’s best to rid harsh grease and baked food debris but use soft cotton cloth and paper towel for fine, delicate finishing plus drying the wet surface. Always wear cleaning gloves with scouring pads as sharp, wired edges are likely to score bare skin.

  1. DIY cleaning solution

When having kids or pets at home, using harsh or strong acid cleaners is dangerous. However, there’s no need to worry as several homemade cleaners would do effective cleaning without any adverse health effects or ruining the oven. Dilute one tablespoon lemon juice and bleach in quarter glass water for as a mild solution that would bring shine to oven surface.

For more dirty and troubled kiln, make a paste of five tablespoon baking soda, four tablespoon white vinegar and nearly three drops of liquid dish soap. The paste is strong enough to eat even the toughest stains and dirt before you scrub it down.

Another alternate cleaner is made by mixing equal parts of salt, water and baking soda which you can apply inside of an oven. After that, close the door and heat the equipment to 500 degrees for at-least an hour. Before you wipe clean, allow the oven to cool off.

  1. Keep heating elements away

While cleaning, it’s essential to keep heating elements away from dampness. It’s quite tricky at times especially with gas ovens as burners are often bare; exposed. This is more of a challenge when cleaning broiler section just beneath the heating constituent.

If, for instance water seeps within one of the heating instrument, test the oven immediately and see if it ignites! Lest it doesn’t; take a clean, dry cloth to wipe the dampness. Wait for a few minutes or simply use a hair dryer to speed the process. It’ll definitely work after that!


This is how you may clean the gas oven safely and thoroughly! Carefully read and understand.

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