Easy tips & tricks to remove ink spots from water-based pens

Ink spots over the clothes are common and may happen under various situations such as accidentally carrying a broken pen in your pocket or kids playing wildly with felt-tip pens. Either way, you’re likely to fall victim to a tough ink blotch. Don’t panic, there’re several tips to remove them easily! All that’s required is a good quality ink remover, time and patience. Here’re a few steps to help you out:

Clean ink spots from water-based pens

  • If blotch have pooled on a fabric, use a washable microfiber cloth and gently put it on top.
  • Don’t wipe or scrub for it’ll spread the stain; simply blot till the ink dries off completely.
  • Break down the spots if they’re big using a water-based stain remover and leave it untouched for ten minutes or follow the instruction given on the product.
  • Pick up the piece of cloth again and you’ll likely to find the stain lighter than before.
  • If marks are deep or big, simply wash the cloth with luke-warm water.
  • Before putting the clothes in dryer, make sure there aren’t any ink remnants.

More tips

Fountain pen ink is easier to remove than any other because it’s water-based. However you need to wash the cloth before ink dries. For more tips and trick, check below.

  • Spread a clean white cloth or towel over a flat surface (paper towels can be used as well). Take another towel, soak it gently in water and blot at the ink gingerly. Don’t press too hard or it’ll smear!
  • Now, soak the stained portion in water for five or ten minutes and blot again.
  • If ink stains are still there, spray with hairspray that’ll help release ink from fabric. Try rubbing the mark with an alcoholic solution if you don’t have a hairspray.
  • Repeat the process if necessary but with laundry detergent or a good quality washing powder solution.
  • Keep the ink-affected area damp throughout the process and never use boiling water for it’ll set the splotch permanently.


It’s important treating the stain as quickly as possible. If it happens when you’re outside at work or anywhere away from home, gently blot the area immediately to prevent spread. Follow the tips and tricks mentioned above the moment you return home and wash normally with a standard quality laundry detergent.

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