Common tips & tricks to remove ink stains

remove ink stains
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There’s nothing worse than collecting an ink stain over your favourite dress. Removing the mess from the fabric isn’t easy but neither impossible. You don’t actually need to dispose your shirt but learn how to deal with ink blots for good. Never dry or heat the stained fabric till all the ink has been extracted. Heat would only set the stain whereas hot water or drying something in the dryer machine would only make it permanent thus making it impossible to remove.

Do you know the type of ink?

Before you treat the stain, better know what kind of ink it is or the source from where you collected it. Ink falls in two categories namely water-based and permanent. Just as the names imply, water-based ink is easier to remove but for permanent, it’s the biggest challenge ever.

  • Water-based inks

Ridding water-based ink can be done simply by running plain water. Sources from where water-based ink is collected include children and magic markers, ink stamps, erasable fountain pens, highlighters and calligraphy ink.

The first method is to place a clean white towel on the stained area and apply plain water. Now, blot using another towel without rubbing or it’ll further spread the mark. Another trick is to put normal laundry detergent onto the stain and let it sit for a few minutes before you wash it. Depends on fabric, wash with warmest water and carefully check if it’s gone. Repeat the process if the stain persists.

  • Permanent, non-water based ink

This is one of the hardest types of ink that requires strong patience. It’s usually collected from permanent markers, standard ink pens and sharpies.

To deal with permanent ink blot, the first thing you should do is rub alcohol after placing the affected article under a clean and white towel. Pour alcohol and rub gently, the mark would transfer on the towel and continue the process till it’s removed completely. Carefully take the towel away from the cleaned cloth for you don’t want to collect it back.

Nail polish remover (non-acetone type) is also best to apply on permanent ink stain but do test it on a discreet spot first to ensure it won’t ruin the fabric or diminish its original shade. You can try other stain removal products like gels and stain sticks but be careful for they may fade the original cloth hue.

Proactive steps for removing ink blots

If you’ve children at your place, ink stains happen quite frequently and getting them out is one heck of a challenge. Though most of the stains are permanent, you might’ve a better chance of cleaning them when they’re fresh. Here’s what you should do!

  • Be swift

The moment you collect the mark, waste no time or the ink would penetrate deep into the fabric and far harder to clean them up!

  • Use stain remover

You’re lucky if there’s a hairspray at home or wherever you accumulated the stain. Coat the mark and allow the spray to settle. Though it’ll work, you should definitely wash the fabric later or dab the stain with alcohol by keeping a clean and white piece of cloth underneath.

More tips

So far we learned about how to remove ink from clothes but what if you collect it on something other than the usual fabric! Check out below for handy tricks to try immediately.

  • If the ink spot is on your hands, wash them with a soap bar rather than liquid solution
  • De-greasing agents are excellent to remove permanent ink marks from clothes as well as over the skin as well.


The above tricks are proven to take the ink stain off your clothing for good!

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