Child Themes In WordPress

What is a WordPress child theme? If you have never heard that term being thrown around, or if you have heard it, but wondered what it was all about, the WordPress child theme is something that is used to customize a certain WordPress theme, but without you having to give up on the ability to eventually upgrade the theme.

In olden times, when you had to update your theme, you would lose everything little customization, but with children themes, that is not the case anymore. The relationship between the parent theme, or the main theme, and the child theme, is built in a way that you can modify it, without losing the ability to upgrade it further.

Another thing that is good about the child themes in WordPress is that any theme can have the child theme. The only set back is that not all of them work in the best possible way.

The parent-child theme relationship is something that can be used to great lengths in WordPress. If you find a great parent theme, the time it will take you to create your website will be greatly cut down, so developers had this in mind when creating this function for WordPress.

And, it is not even difficult to create a child theme in WordPress. Everything you will need to create such a theme in your WordPress is just one line in your new style.css header that will be used to define the template.

Ultimately, how do you reach a decision whether you need a child theme in the first place? Basically, it boils down to what you need on your website. One thing to estimate whether you need a child theme or not is to look at if you constantly add new functions to the functions.php of your theme. If you modify your theme all the time, then the sensible thing to do would be to use a child theme in your WordPress. On the other hand, if you don’t really customize and you like to keep a theme as it is, without tweaking or changing it much, then you won’t really need a child theme.

The end decision of whether you want one or not comes to you and where you see your website now, and in the future. Maybe you haven’t been tweaking your theme too much, but you will like you will be doing just that in the future. Then, you should think about getting one. If you are entirely sure that you won’t be doing that, well, then you won’t really need one.

Child themes in WordPress can really help you a lot. Not many people know about them, but those who do, and those who use them, know their importance and how much they can do for a WordPress website. Developers were thinking about how solve specific problems in WordPress when they designed them, and they have managed to achieve just that. If you think about having such a theme on your website, then we wish you all the best when using it!

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