Easy tips & tricks to remove ink spots from water-based pens

Ink spots over the clothes are common and may happen under various situations such as accidentally carrying a broken pen in your pocket or kids playing wildly with felt-tip pens. Either way, you’re likely to fall victim to a tough ink blotch. Don’t panic, there’re several tips to remove them easily! All that’s required is

Why Investing in a Luxury Timepiece is Valuable?

Men are always fascinated with luxury watches even if they all boast similar looks and functions. It’s not about mere time telling but investing in luxury represents a class that eventually build reputation among social circle. Initially, affording prestigious timepieces may seem overwhelming but long-term benefits are simply immense. No frequent wear and tear, less

Why shopping in Dubai is everyone’s favourite pastime?

If you travelled to UAE almost 15 years ago, probably an Indian guy would’ve collected you from airport and talk all the way about culture, society and country. Even then, life in Dubai was quite vibrant as compared to Abu Dhabi. You’d have to visit Dubai every time for real shopping as there weren’t any

How Watch Fans Actually Afford Luxurious Timepieces?

When strolling at malls, you probably stop outside a watch shop and admire those shiny timepieces. Lots of brands come and go with time but it didn’t make any difference among true collectors around the world. Luxury watches cost thousands of dollars and their value increase evidently unlike many other goods. You must be wondering