How to discard denatured alcohol safely?

There’re various uses of denatured alcohol in home and industry. Being a solvent, it’s an excellent household cleaning agent due to its grease-cutting nature that exceeds the usual soaps and detergents. While used frequently as rubbing alcohol and fuel for camp stoves; all denatured alcohols like ethanol, methanol, rubbing alcohol and ethyl acetate are classified

Five effective tips to safely clean a gas oven

Gas oven is among the most toughest to clean kitchen appliances. Not only it’s used frequently but oven easily bake any food that’s spilled inside. As a result, residue is hardened and thus become difficult to remove. Unlike electric ovens, these don’t have a high-heat self cleaning feature which means back to the old cleaning

General precautions while handling and storage Butyl Acetate

Having been classified among Class 1B flammable liquids, Butyl Acetate should be handled and stored carefully. Containers are suggested to store under cool, dry and well ventilated storage area. Moreover, containers should not directly expose to sunlight and strong chemicals like nitrates, oxidizers, alkalies, open ignition sources and heat sparks. Ideally, storage drums should contain

Top four UAE monuments worth a visit

In the heart of Middle East over Arabian Peninsula lies United Arab Emirates (UAE). It’s comprised of seven states we refer to as Emirates that includes Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the two renowned cities and traveller’s paradise. Before becoming a primary oil exporter, UAE’s economy was based on fishing and pearl industry. During the 1960s,

Dubai promoting summer events to attract millions of Gulf tourists

Having considered the importance of economic diversification, Dubai struggled hard to reduce its dependency from oil export. To accomplish this aim, State Government has not only invested money to provide business center facilities, but also designed flexible tax free business and trade policies to attract entrepreneurs across the world. After earning good revenue from business