The Six Eclectic Corporate Food Gifts

Giving gifts strengthens relationships and harmony where corporate presents foster work productivity along with retaining potential clients and customers. It’s also a symbol of recognition, appreciating someone for their hard work or simply to enhance optimistic professional relation. Edible corporate gifts are widely esteemed, available in different prices. Buying food gifts isn’t only convenient but

Top 15 Countries, Stacking Billionaires

We often weigh social issues with world’s economy, claiming that the wealth disposal is uneven. The question is where are wealthiest tycoons living in this world? 15 countries are discussed below, that accommodates the highest number of individuals earning net worth for over $ 1 billion – according to Wealth X and UBS Billionaire Census.

Core Property Trading Facts in Dubai

Property traders should’ve complete knowledge of real estate industry including core principles, recent trends, fundamentals of land transaction and ownership transfer. Being a dealer, assessing property contracts on monthly basis, checking in with agent and license analysis are some duties vested on your shoulders. Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) which is a part of Dubai