How to Hire a Luxurious Limousine in Qatar Cheaply?

So you ride a ’77 Gremlin! There’s nothing wrong with it as long as you’ve some dough saved to play millionaire by chartering a limousine. In-fact, competition is so fierce that you can ride in just about any limo for less than expected. All that’s required are excellent bargaining skills and like most services, limousine

The Good, the Better & the Best Smart Devices to buy!

Maybe there’s nothing wrong embracing the inner Veruca Salt only if you can afford all three. But for a first time buyer, phablet is preferred. Electronic market is bursting with high-tech gear especially when it comes to smart-devices. Selecting from a pool that’s the right size, operating functions and of course, affordability is a real

Quarterly Overview of Real Estate Market Trends in UAE

The ever-revolutionizing real estate market of the United Arab Emirates is dependent upon many factors like societal affairs, economic trends, demographics and political implications. Interesting yet challenging it is, Middle East and North African regions have shown immense fluctuation and growth in the real estate sector. The overwhelming factors, listed above have driven real estate

Handy tips & tricks to handle SUI easily

Urinary incontinence (سلس البول) is an uncalled loss of urine directly proportional with physical stress like sneezing, coughing, jumping, running etc. It could come with age or with certain circumstances as if post pregnancy affects, vaginal childbirth, stress etc. No matter, how embarrassing it is, SUI is not life threatening until left unattended. Instead of