20 Amazing Technology Facts

In a world where internet connectivity flows like blood in almost every aspect of life, it isn’t unusual that information is the basis of our collective future. From indoors to outgoing activities, efficient work operations and managing social connections, technological revolution moves all. That being said, let’s check-out a few amazing tech facts worth to

Jaguar cars: A mark of super luxury vehicles

Since 1935, renowned British automakers; Jaguar Cars Ltd. has been assembling vehicles under the name. Sir William Lyons and William Walmsley were founders of the company in 1922 by the name Swallow Sidecar Company. Ever since, firm has manufactured a dozen sports and luxury vehicles known around the world for their sleek performance and excellent

Dubai promoting summer events to attract millions of Gulf tourists

Having considered the importance of economic diversification, Dubai struggled hard to reduce its dependency from oil export. To accomplish this aim, State Government has not only invested money to provide business center facilities, but also designed flexible tax free business and trade policies to attract entrepreneurs across the world. After earning good revenue from business

What are a few Pros & Cons of Petrochemical Fertilisers?

Petrochemical fertilisers include ammonium nitrate, urea, nitric acid and anhydrous ammonia. They’re obtained using natural gas as a source of fuel and hydrogen for chemical reaction to take place; end result is fertiliser. In contrast, chemical fertilisers are convenient and economical source of nitrogen for plants however their use and production is quite expensive. Gardeners

Is Your Tissot Watch Genuine?

You need a few tools at your disposal when identifying a Tissot timepiece. Official Tissot logo, like many other genuine watches is embossed on each unit’s dial. Meanwhile; if you’ve a 1930 model, know that Tissot partnered with Omega Watch Company after which series of different watches were marked “Omega Watch Co. /Tissot”. Movement, that’s