How to strategically clean & organise a house?

Cleaning a house may sound fairly easy and simple but when you actually think of doing so, where to start with is the first thing that crosses the mind. House cleaning isn’t just limited to bedroom and kitchen but every corner counts from the bathroom to even your lawn. All of it is seemingly overwhelming

Five effective tips to safely clean a gas oven

Gas oven is among the most toughest to clean kitchen appliances. Not only it’s used frequently but oven easily bake any food that’s spilled inside. As a result, residue is hardened and thus become difficult to remove. Unlike electric ovens, these don’t have a high-heat self cleaning feature which means back to the old cleaning

Opportunities for Chemical Engineers & How to Get One!

Chemical engineering is a subdivision of general engineering that focuses on physics, biology, chemistry and mathematical applications. Chemical engineers search for new materials, refine existing elements and design manufacturing plants that includes biological and chemical processing. In-short, it’s a vast field with many disciplines and opportunities and if you’ve ever considered getting a job, this

Know your Fruit! Valuable Pomegranate Facts

Pomegranate is a large, round fruit with blood-red skin when ready to harvest. They’re usually grown in hot climate while ripe in early winter and exported world-wide. Going back to ancient times, pomegranates were introduced in the US by Spanish however originated in Iran and India. Pomegranates of Qandahar are renowned for their amazing taste