Tips to extend your property lease in Dubai!

Tenancy or property lease are extendable but only if you adhere to proper rules and regulations. Read further to understand how a property lease could be extended. If not possible, what is the proper way out for another dwelling? Your tenancy agreement says about how long you could live in a rented apartment, depending upon

Why professional degree programs are referred to as success bolsters?

Sandra Mark first heard of the mini MBA offered at the PwC Academy (Middle East Region) while attending a job-networking group for unemployed workers in the twin cities (Sharjah & Dubai) community hall. The week long session for unemployed individuals at the community academy sounded like the perfect fit for Sandra, 43 a former sales

The Six Eclectic Corporate Food Gifts

Giving gifts strengthens relationships and harmony where corporate presents foster work productivity along with retaining potential clients and customers. It’s also a symbol of recognition, appreciating someone for their hard work or simply to enhance optimistic professional relation. Edible corporate gifts are widely esteemed, available in different prices. Buying food gifts isn’t only convenient but

WordPress or Blogger! Unraveling the Conundrum for Blogging Junkies

WordPress or Blogger! This particular question is dominating the lives of every blogger which even hamlets would think of as shameful. While the query continues to pester everyone’s mind, this article provides a vivid solution of whether to initiate blogging with WordPress or Blogger. Unravel this dilemma with some fascinating and never before known information