Basics of initiating an employment agency

Today when business entities are growing on a massive level, initiating an employment agency would prove a lucrative business. You’re sure to get a pool of aspiring candidates looking for jobs especially when employment rate drops. Chances of failure are less as long as you know when and how to proceed. Here’re some pointers!

Establishment – Notable facts

Your finance comes first! To start a company; regardless of size and nature of operations, you need capital. Though employment agencies don’t loan money for business setup, they’ll surely steer you toward organisations that can help.

  • Discuss price structure (for staff search) in association with your area. You should also consult nearby businesses to determine the overall fees.
  • Visit county clerk’s office; ask about legal laws and procedures to consider before instigation. For instance, do you need license, tax requisites so on!
  • Choose an office location for your employment agency that must be convenient and accessible to everyone. Without a doubt, you’ll bear the entire cost before business starts hoarding profit. In-case you’re planning to launch agency operations from home, check zoning laws to ensue cautiously. Expect variance however it must be put forward before city council for resolution.
  • Contact local telephone company for which you need a dedicated phone line and a strong infrastructure system. Will you go for answering service or simply to divert calls on your home number after work hours? Answering machine and voice mail are an option but incorporating from a dozen social media tools is an excellent proposition.

Marketing & promotion

  • Consult local listings and yellow pages for organisations to assist with small business setup. A fine example would be of SCORE (Service Core of Retired Executives). The group exist in almost every part of the world proving worthy in several ways, especially for businesses in their first year of initiation. Don’t hesitate to consult advisory service and other employment agencies!
  • Join local Chamber of Commerce to help spread the word about you employment company. Visit local business firms and brief them about advantages of “pre-screened applicants”. It saves time and strength that would’ve been wasted on the usual cold call or the usual “help wanted” approach.
  • Do advertise online as well as in newspaper classified. Both would draw potential applicants looking anxiously for a job. Execute technical tests for assessment thus determining where they stand and how much grooming they need for competitiveness. You may ask for references as well but not often!
  • Accept job related assignments catered by newly found clients. Remember, finding the right people for the right job isn’t a cinch; process may extend from a month to several others. Go pro with marketing if you want to find winning employees. Begin corresponding applicants with employers and various open positions.

Tips & warnings

As marketing eats most of your capital, there’s no room for mistakes whereas your fees is most likely to be rational. Moving in the right direction will definitely sway many businesses your way thus compensating all expenses. You must be a paid service being considered a true employment agency whereas you can’t offer free-of-cost/welfare services.


Being a business nerve centre; employment agencies in Dubai proceed with utmost care, taking into account all the aspects as defined above.

This post has been published on behalf of Ultimate HR Solutions, one of the top recruitment agencies of Dubai.

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