A Close Look at Chronograph Watches

Now a day’s watch is not only used to tell the time, but also performing several functions with specific built-in features. You can simultaneously use them as a stop watch and calendar as well. Among such timepieces, chronograph is known to provide several ways to tell the time. Most of the men under the age of 40 tend to buy it at least once in their life. However, ladies also love using the one, especially if they belong to any kind of sporting activity. It can be used as a precious tool to record time during sports even like running, cycling and car racing. Depending upon its individual capability, it is possible to record the time from 30min to 12 hours even.

How to recognize it?

A typical chronograph is easily recognizable via its multiple sub-dials, independent second hand at the center that can be started anytime with pushers. All dials are sensitive to efficiently measure hours, minutes, seconds and even tenth of a second. Complexity often made them expensive choice for prospective buyers who actually wanted to buy it. Kenneth Cole watches a leading US based international brand proudly offer them at fair prices.

How many designs are available?

The outstanding timepiece is available in a number of different designs ranges between, casual, luxury and sport watches. Irrespective to the type of design, these timepieces are characterized with their three sub-dials present within a main dial.

Features making chronograph an exclusive choice

For a layman it can be an alternative term for stop watch. What makes this luxury timepiece distinctive among all others is its capability to record time. After observing its worth several makers of multifunction pieces started combining this functionality in their designs. In order to fulfill variable needs of diversified industries, makers have started producing pieces with more features. Flyback is an advance version that allows resetting the second extremely quickly. Whereas the Rattrapante offers multiple second hands that can be stopped and started independently. Moreover, the introduction of waterproof models has made it equally suitable for deep sea diving and other water sports.

Being famous as sporting watch, chronographs are also available as attractive casual wear made up of titanium and stainless steel.

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