4 Amazing benefits of Online Doctors Consultation


While regular visits to the primary physician is necessary for overall wellbeing and health but there’re moments that ask for immediate help in case of an emergency such as getting injured or fell sick. A general survey revealed that there’re more than 7,000 urgent care centres just in the US that received above 15,000 visits per annum.

As significant as urgent care centres are to overall community health, there’re a few shortfalls that hampers ease of accessibility. The evolution of advance telecommunication and connected technology paced way for online doctor consultation with telehealth becoming a more feasible solution for those in immediate need.


The real question; why an online doctor rather than the usual in-person visit! Let’s have a look at some benefits to begin with.

  1. No physical boundaries

The usual traffic, waiting for public transport, stopping by at the fuel station are some of the most annoying physical boundaries especially when seeking urgent medical attention. For starters, with online doctor consultation, one’s relieved from all this and gain easy access to a wide range of trained and veteran medical professionals from the comfort of your home. Even if there aren’t any urgent care centres in your city, medical expert’s help is just a call or click away.

  1. Improvement in self-diagnosis

With internet especially Wi-Fi access, finding all sort of information anytime, anywhere is a piece of cake however, just by reading a few medical blogs and articles won’t give a viable solution to the underlying cause of the disease. Patients who usually do so end misdiagnosing themselves which further worsen the preliminary disease.

Although you may gain real-time information that might come in handy, underlying cause of the disease or any other such symptom usually goes undetected thereby worsening the case. Incorrect self-diagnosis will have no effect and worst, it’s dangerous that can seriously worsen the health and cause serious complications.

Online doctor consultation is a major step up from the typical process of searching Google for symptoms of a particular disease, giving you the ultimate opportunity speaking to the actual doctor. Whereas you’re likely to receive proper diagnosis and a personalised treatment plan so that there aren’t any wild guesses and further experimentation with yourself.

  1. Rather a cost-effective solution

Since you’re relieved from in-person visit to the doctor, the online option promises some of the most cost-effective and pocket-friendly solutions. Most of the online doctors accept all major forms of health insurance which means web-based visits to the doctor are either completely-free or provide consultancy at a very cheap rate.

However economical, quality and integrity has never been compromised which means premium-grade doctor’s consultancy doesn’t need being costly. Online doctor service however follows a predetermined time that’s more or less 10 minutes.

In the light of cost, web-based medical consultation visits are highly beneficial to patients who lack health insurance or have high tax deduction. The rapid advancement in medical science and technology has further improved the service to an all-new level which for patients seeking medical advice gets easier and convenient.

  1. The easy prescription process

In case your personalised treatment plan asks for a prescription, your online doctor can prescribe remote medical treatment without ado. All they’d do is send the prescription to a nearby pharmacy for you to conveniently pick.

Even with all the benefits of online doctor consultation, there’re a few restrictions depends on geographical location. Most of the online medical practitioners don’t prescribe certain medications associated to lifestyle without in-person examination.

Strict regulations are implemented on prescribing controlled substances including;

  • Narcotics
  • Sedatives and sleeping pills
  • Psychiatric medication
  • Stimulants and
  • Medical marijuana

Antibiotics and anti-allergy medications are commonly prescribed by online doctors while the service comes in real handy to those going for continuing medications or refills.

While the benefits of online medical consultation are far more than discussed above, we’ve only mentioned those that are more important.

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